VertexFX Currency Server

VertexFX Currency Server 3.0

VertexFX currency server is perfect for your prices and currency data management
3.0 (See all)
VertexFX Currency Server

VertexFX currency server is the application that takes prices from the feed provider application using the DDE technology and sends it to VertexFX Gateway server application (the main application on the server), then these prices will be reflected on the Backoffice and clients platforms.
If your feed is not DDE supported, and gives prices from API, in this case you have to develop your own currency server using this API to take prices from and VertexFX Currency Server API to send prices to your VertexFX system.
Currency Server may take the prices of the symbols from a feed data application (that is DDE supported) which is installed on the same local host server, or it can take the prices from another VertexFX Currency Server.

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